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Other resources include the Donner Summit Association's History page, the Donner Party Museum and the Kingvale.info history page 


c. 1866 - Early maps at the Big Bend Ranger Station show Kingvale as the location of the Jones Hotel, a stage stop along the old Dutch Flat Donner Lake Wagon Road

1867 - According to King/Brennan family history, Kingvale was part of a homestead grant dating back to 1867 and used as a stopping over place for driving cattle or sheep from the Auburn area to graze in summer near Devil's peak 

late 1920s through 1930s - first cabins built 

1931 - Kingvale Subdivision 1 recorded with Nevada County

1937 - Kingvale Subdivsion 2 recorded with Nevada County

1957 - The Kingvale Water Users Association established

1960 - Kingvale Property Owners and Water Users, Inc. incorporated in California